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Are you ready for bathroom remodeling?

When you are ready to start a bathroom remodel, it is worth considering all your options. You can make extensive choices in product and design that will affect the outcome. When getting started, narrowing down those decisions is a great idea. 

We recommend starting by comparing your list of needs to the characteristics found in the materials. Each option provides something different. And the more you know before you buy, the better.

A shower remodel is often the centerpiece

Choosing the perfect shower remodel can change everything about the space. It can easily become the central element or wow factor in the room. But it's also a very functional piece, so it's essential to consider all the elements that go into a shower remodel.

Showers are composed of many alterable parts, including doors, faucets, fixtures, and surrounds. You can add other features to make the space more functional for your specific household. Think about seating, lighting, shelving, and other elements that cater to the need of your lifestyle.



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The bathroom vanity is very flexible

The bathroom vanity consists of a sink, a mirror, and cabinetry at its simplest. But it can feature enhancements in much the same way as a shower. For example, you can add shelves, lights, and extra storage capacity to create a space that functions as you need it to.

Vanities come in a wide selection of material options, including wood and textured melamine. The materials have extensive options and specific benefits depending on your desired result.

The actual remodel and installation time

Choosing the materials and services for your bathroom remodel is only the beginning. Once you select the best materials, we'll take measurements and discuss a time frame. We will give you a detailed timeline and will work around your family's schedule.
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