Carpet could be your next new floor covering

Carpet has a reputation as the softest underfoot experience, for good reasons. It's the only soft surface material available in the flooring industry. And the fiber options are so plush that many homeowners are loyal to the product line because of it.

When you consider all the other benefits, you'll see why it's so important to so many. You can enjoy the best visuals and the best protection. And when you're ready to choose a product for yourself, it's here for you.

Take time to browse appearance options

Carpet floors are some of the most beautiful you'll see in flooring. Fiber choice plays a significant role in the result, and they come in extensive colors and designs. As you match these with each room's needs, you'll see your home blossom with trendy options.

Trends can help keep you current while matching any decor scheme. And there are choices in every style range you need, from traditional to eclectic. So, be sure to ask about trends that cater to your home and needs.

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Durability that might surprise you

A carpet installation hasn't always been synonymous with durability, but they offer many options. If you have pets, you'll appreciate brands that cater to your need for stain and odor protection. These floors keep your floors looking better and smelling fresher. The protection is built into the fibers so that nothing can soak them. And the benefit will never wear off, even after many commercial cleaning opportunities. But, of course, you'll want to know more about this option, and we're happy to tell you about it.

Professional carpet installation is a must

We recommend only a professional installation for carpet floors. Our installation team has the experience and a wide range of tools that ensure the best results. We'll be happy to tell you more about seam connection and more when we plan your installation process.
Luxury carpet in Mundelein, IL from Exclusive Wood Flooring, Inc.

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