Floor care


What is the best way to ensure a great looking floor

  • Do not wash the floor with water the first week after coating, or place rugs, mats or carpet down for 30 days from the date your job was completed.
  • When replacing furniture, use proper floor protectors, such as felt protectors with adhesive backing. When moving heavy furniture use carpet or something similar underneath to prevent scratching.
  • Place doormats at all outside entrances to trap dirt and grit.
  • Sweep or vacuum floors regularly.
  • Remove spills promptly.
  • Use a broom or vacuum for dry spills and abrasives.
  • Place rugs or mats at interior doorways to trap sand and grit from incoming traffic.
  • Use area rugs on high traffic pathways and pivot areas. All rugs should allow the floor to breathe, so do not use rubber-backed or non-ventilated rugs. When rugs are impractical, periodically check for wear.
  • By removing your shoes, especially high-heeled shoes, you can prevent scratching or denting your wood floors. If shoes will be worn, make sure they are in good condition. Pets with claws can also scratch floor surfaces.
  • Wood floors may fade over time from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Maintain the color consistency of your floors by using sheer drapes, curtains, or blinds to keep the suns effects to a minimum.
  • Maintain the relative humidity between 40% and 55% as excessive humidity may cause wood fibers to swell, causing your floor to cup or creating cracks in the finish. Temperature variations can also cause floors to expand and contract causing cracks between the boards. Keeping the temperature between 60-80 degrees will minimize the effects of temperature extremes.
  • Do not use a string mop to clean your floor, instead use a damp sponge mop or rag.
  • Do not use wax, oil soap, or other industrial cleaners on your finished wood floor. The use of these products may adversely affect the appearance and the finish of the floors. We recommend using a cleaning solution specifically for hardwood floors, made by Synteko (http://www.nam.synteko.com/cleaning-products.html). Please stop by our office to pick one up!
  • Wood floors will lose their luster over time, especially in high traffic areas. Contact Exclusive Wood Flooring, Inc. for re-finishing recommendations.