Plate of white oak


White Oak is very widely used in flooring, timber framing and even shipbuilding. It is a very hard species of wood, probably one of the most universal when it comes to flooring installations. Its grain is less pronounced that that of red oak, which makes it even easier to stain. When unfinished, it may have a slight grayish tone to it. Over time, white oak may undergo slight ambering, adding warmth to the interior of your home.

Wood texture background


Red Oak is a very strong and durable species of wood that is used for most hardwood flooring. It is porous, which makes it easy to stain to the desired hue. Usually, Red Oak has some pattern to it, more or less uniform – depending on the way it is cut. Unfinished, it has a rosy, warm tint to it. When finished, it makes for a beautiful, long lasting, and easy-to-care-for floor.

Texture walnut


Walnut is a type of wood that makes floors, furniture or home accents look very elegant and sophisticated. It ranges from deep brown to almost purplish black in color. Walnut is used for installation of whole floors as well as for borders, accents and medallions. Durable and hard, it makes a floor that will last a lifetime.



Maple wood is a strong, light-colored wood with a uniform texture. It is used for regular floors, sports floors and bowling alleys. Due to its even texture and lighter colors, it is very often used in borders, accents or medallions. Maple does not stain evenly, so it is not recommended to change the natural color of this wood.



Brazilian cherry is a strong, hard and heavy type of wood used for hardwood flooring. It is usually dark, with an interlocking grain and frequently wavy pattern. The dark-reddish brown color makes it a very interesting wood for flooring, not requiring additional staining. Brazilian cherry is very often used to make borders, accents and medallions.

Yellow Birch Wood Floor texture


Birch is a light, cream-colored wood, with an even texture and a simple look to it. It makes for a great-looking floor, lightening up the whole room. Birch is very hard, strong and durable.

Close up of character grade hickory hardwood flooring planks.jpg


Hickory wood is a light, pecan-colored species, with characteristic dark streaks. It is hard and durable, sometimes hard to sand down due to the wood being vary dense. Hickory is used very often in cottages, due to its country charm.

texture of planks of chestnut tree


Chestnut wood is extremely durable, which makes it a perfect choice for floors that need to withstand very high traffic and abuse. It is rather light-brown colored, with an even texture and pattern.



Ash is a graying or light brown colored wood with pale yellow and brown streaks. The grain is rather uniform and contains natural characteristics including mineral streaks and knots.